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School counselors are certified educators with an advanced degree in counseling who are specially trained to help all students apply academic achievement strategies, manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills, and plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, work force).  

Our Counselor

Jacqueline Gualtieri

counselor handing student a book

Student Supports and How to Access

Individual/Group Services: Our schools provide school wide support as well as individual and group sessions for students.  

  • Lessons: School counselors provide general lessons and information sessions for students several times a year. These are geared to age appropriate topics and developmental issues.  
  • Individual: Students can see their counselor individually as needed to get help with conflicts or stressors. Contact with the counselor can be intermittent or on a regular basis. When these sessions are needed to focus on learning skills (to manage anxiety, attention or behavior struggles, or organization needs) parents may be asked to give consent for regular support. If students are recommended to meet with a social worker or mental health specialist regularly for short-term goal directed work, consent will be obtained from parents.  
  • Group: Group support is offered to address specific topics including coping skills, organizational skills, dealing with family changes and etc. These are usually a closed and short-term (6-12 weeks in length).  If a student is recommended for a group support, parents will be contacted to provide consent. 

A Word about Bullying


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

If you are concerned that a student is being bullied or harassed, or is bullying or harassing someone else, please consider submitting a Harassement/Bullying Incident Report.  We will then explore and address your concern. 



Student Supports Overview

In Great Valley, we provide services to support each student’s mental wellness and academic success. We aim to work with students, teachers, and families to remove barriers to learning and progress in school.  Our clinical professionals have advanced education and training in areas of mental health and learning. They are focused on prevention, including building internal and external protective supports for students. They are also available to respond when students are struggling with anxiety, depression, school stress, peer issues, family issues or other stressors.